What’s happening in this (Western) world?

We know from scripture that when a nation abandons God, the nation suffers. We have seen communist nations buckle under their dark ideology, Haiti (which allegedly formed a pact with the devil) fails and has natural disasters when the neighbouring Dominican Republic (on the same island) increases living standards (http://hdrstats.undp.org/images/explanations/dom.pdf).

Now, we in the West face a similar fate. The secularists have taken over. Communism in the disguise of liberalism is taking down all the bulwarks of Christian society one by one. We appear to be under judgement with the type of leaders we elect, the collapse of economies and the aggressive influx of unassimilable¬† “refugees” who refuse to integrate

Westerners have lost their confidence and purpose. We are told daily that we are the evil oppressors, we have no culture worth saving and that we are enriched by other cultures. Sure there is a kernel of truth in enrichment but our culture stands on its own and works quite well in an imperfect world.

Why have we let this happen? Firstly, we took our eyes off God and exchanged the truth for a lie. We didn’t mind if people had an veneer of Christianity, attended church but lived their lives separate from the Creator. We allowed ministers of religion to treat the Bible as an optional extra, seminaries even taught it this way.

Secondly, we allowed the political and media classes to take over popular culture and introduce perversion after perversion. Politicians engaged in open sin, ignored God except for the odd lip-service to get elected. Hollywood have filled almost every movie with unprecedented violence (and people wonder why society is more violent today) and gratuitous sex and nudity, promoted homosexuality as cool, and denigrated decency and faith as being the domain of the feeble minded and afraid.

Media have deliberately (and occasionally through ignorance) misrepresented the Christian faith, feminists have all but destroyed the lives of children by removing parents from the household and untold murders of millions of defenseless babies in utero. Their blood stains the earth and cries out for justice.

Christians are called to pray for their leaders and nation (2Chron 7:14). This is a task required of believers.